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GTI builds custom and production knives as well as designs for multiple other companies.  Feel free to contact us for a custom knife quote or for any of your edge weapon needs!


Here at GTI we saw a gap in the folder market.  That gap was in the lock.  Almost every lock on the market has the same two issues.

1. It is a single point of contact therefore a single point of failure.

2. The surface area of the lock.

To overcome both issues we designed the Delta Lock.  The Delta lock has 4 points of contact on the back of the blade that contact 4 points in the liner and it also has no less than 4 points of contact in the handle.  To overcome the surface area, we have two flats and two angle that serve as the entire lock face or about an 1 5/8th inches of area.  The lock is dual purpose in that it doubles as a glass breaker in the closed position.   All of this not only makes it one of the most versatile locks on the market but also one of the strongest if not the strongest.

GTI Delta lock
CTS-BD1 blade, Titanium handles.  Also in all Black
Price $225 


White river /GTI Blades
S35VN steel, Micarta or G10 Handles and Ion bond coating....100% USA made 
Available through White River and their dealers.
5.11/GTI Blades

CFK7 Knife can be purchased by going here....5.11 Tactical




Peace Maker Hawk will be released later in the year....stay tuned!!!




GTI/KIzer knives
Assisted opener
S35VN blade, Titanium liners
G10 handles. 


Kizer/GTI folder 
KI3416 A1&A2
S35VN steel, Titanium liners and
Textured  G10 handles
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